Have you noticed bothersome neck pain when you stand up after sitting at your computer all day? Have you tried pain relievers, but the pain comes back when you don’t take them? Philip Striano, DC, with Hudson Rivertowns Chiropractic in Dobbs Ferry, New York, understands the body mechanics that are causing your neck pain. His drug-free chiropractic treatment restores your range of motion and relieves the pain. Call or book an appointment online today so you can enjoy life without constant discomfort.

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What causes neck pain?

Common causes of neck pain include:

Poor Posture:

If you sit at a computer all day, you may be bending over at the neck to view the screen instead of sitting up straight. Some people have bent forward so much that their head sticks out beyond their shoulders in an unnatural position.


Whiplash from a car accident is a common cause of neck pain, as are sports injuries.

Strained Muscles:

If you lift heavy objects for work, you are a candidate for muscle strain.

Arthritis/Degenerative Discs:

Cervical (neck) disks provide a cushion between the bones in your neck. As you get older, or due to accident or injury, the disks can degenerate.

How does Dr. Striano diagnose what is causing my neck pain?

Dr. Striano uses the following methods to determine the appropriate treatment for your neck pain:

  • Examining the range of motion in your neck
  • Examining the muscles and movement in your spine and neck
  • Taking X-rays, which can show arthritis, fractures, tumors, slipped disks, and other causes of your neck pain.
  • Using MRIs, which reveal abnormalities of nerves, tendons, and ligaments
  • Testing your blood to see if you have inflammation or infection

What are the best chiropractic treatments for neck pain?

For mild or moderate cases of cervical (neck) misalignment, Dr. Striano uses manual manipulation to relieve your pain. You lie flat on a chiropractic table, and he uses the Cox Flexion Distraction Technique (the Cox® Technic) to relieve cervical pain.

The technique involves gentle movements that take the pressure off of pinched nerves, decreasing any bulges in your cervical disks. It gives more room to let the nerves pass normally through the spinal cord, relieving pain. It’s all accomplished without painful surgery or drugs that make you dizzy or sleepy.

If the neck injury is severe, Dr. Striano uses disk decompression to realign the vertebrae and ease your pain. You have six disks in the cervical area. Some of the gel inside those disks may escape through a tear in the edge of the disk; in that case, the disk is herniated, or ruptured, which can cause extreme pain. Disk decompression is computer-aided; the lower part of the table moves while you’re in a harness, producing traction and easing the pain.

Dr. Striano also explains how to do simple neck exercises at home to increase your range of motion and bring back your neck function.