Alecia B.
For me there is no one like him. Phillip Striano, I always leave his place without any type of pain in my neck and back, it is magic for me, and also the attention is always special and very professional, I recommend him to anyone who needs an excellent chiropractor, in his hands I feel safe and very comfortable.

Victor P.
In February of 2019 I herniated two discs. My doctor recommended Dr. Striano for decompression treatment. Thanks to the level of attention and knowledge, I was able to run the NYC Marathon that November of 2019. You can’t argue with results!! I highly recommend getting treatment from Dr. Striano.

Lynn W.
great I took a chance on a recommendation from a friend. I have been to other chiropractors. All the positive testimonials are true. The doc could not have been more professional nicer warm and most important very knowledgeable. I slept like a baby after my first visit. I am already sending my son and husband. And prices…. he’s more than fair; accepts medicare and out of pocket expenses from my experience are more than fair. I really have high hopes for a recovery

Imani F.
Very professional and were very attentive to my needs. Walked out feeling Amazing!

Adele G.
I highly recommend visiting Rivertowns Chiropractic! My first 3 visits with Dr. Striano and Jake have been so healing! I walked in feeling lower back pain and foot pain and now I feel so much relief! This is a wonderful practice that offers info, assistance, and a wide variety of therapeutic procedures. All questions are answered and they take the time to know you! I look forward to my appointments!

Randy G.
Great doc and staff.

Natalise C.
Dr. Striano is great. He was friendly and answer all of my questions. I highly recommend him he takes his time and does a great job!

Katherine A.
Dr. Philip is very accommodating to your needs. He knows exactly what to do and how to make you ease your pain. I highly recommend .

Plamen M.
Me and my daughter visit Dr Philip Striano Clinic with two separate problems. I have a problem with my shoulder and she had shifted pelvis. They work on her and fix her the same day. Science then she doesn’t have any more pain. after few visits my shoulder pain is gone. This place is amazing the stuff is very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Doctor Philip he does do miracles in my opinion.

Todd S.
Extremely Professional! High Quality Care !

Dr. Philip Straino was extremely pleasant and went out of his way to listen to my concerns and issues in regards to my chronic neck and back pain and addressed them in a professional manner. I would highly recommend him to my colleagues and co-workers. He was attentive and took the time out to accommodate my busy schedule. His staff was also extremely friendly and personable.

Ashley H.
Dr. Striano is outstanding. I’ve always been reluctant about going to a chiropractor, but I have been won over ! Feel great ! Highly recommend!

Jessie H.
This was my first experience ever with a chiropractor and Dr. Striano was great!

Kerry O.
Dr. Striano is an excellent doctor. Went to him with back and neck issues. He’s very knowledgeable and kind.

Ali M.
It is too soon for me to say.But I believe you are a very nice guy.

Excellent care provided by a Top Notch Chiropractor and his wonderful staff. I walk in feeling pain and leave feeling much needed relief. They are always courteous and attentive. 5 stars all around.

Amanda C.
Dr. Striano was able to fit me in right after my injury and spent time explaining to me what was going on as he was treating me. I felt better and better after each session and you can tell how much he cares!

Charlie O.
Dr. Striano is very thorough and proceeds with caution making sure his treatment is right for what is ailing you. He is very friendly while always professional. From my initial call, saw me promptly (same day) and gave me immediate relief re my condition.

Jen R.
I called Dr. Striano on a Thursday morning to schedule a new patient appointment because I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t move my neck. He said come in right now. He was great! I was diagnosed with acute torticollis also known as wry neck. He explained everything to me and was very patient with me and made me feel comfortable from the start. He came to the office on Saturday and Sunday to treat me. That alone shows how much he cares about his patients. I was feeling much better by Saturday. I would highly recommend Dr. Striano.

Catherine R.
My experience was great and I felt very relaxed and comfortable

Heather H.
Dr. Striano is wonderful!

Thomas S.
I have to admit that I was apprehensive and skeptical when told about your chiropractic care practice. We became acquainted on 03/14/18. Shortly before, i had injured myself exiting my truck falling on ice. Injuries were sustained to my neck, shoulder, arm, and back areas. During my initial consultation and exam, I soon realized the thoroughness and attention to detail with patient concern exhibited by Dr. Striano and his staff. I began a treatment care plan for nerve damage, neck C-5 and C-6 area, shoulder pain, arm pain, and back discomfort. My treatment involved: -Initial exam and consultation -Patient assessment -Nerve test both arms and hands -Ultrasound: shoulders, neck, and arms -Heat treatment for neck -DRX-9000 machine for neck C-5 and C-6 areas -Ice treatment with electric stimulation to shoulder and neck areas I have to admit that I am a true believer in chiropractic care based on my recovery due to Dr. Striano and his devoted medical staff. I am not only able to manage my level of pain, but have been rehabilitated to 96% efficiency prior to my accident. Words cannot express my appreciation and gratitude to the professionalism and capabilities of Dr. Striano and his staff. Kudo’s to all. I recommend this practice to anyone in pain. You guys are awesome and truly rock… Sincerely yours, Tom Shumansky

Christopher D.
I have been a patient of Dr. Striano for a while now. I get relief and care that my back and neck needs. The thing about Doc is he keeps current and progressive with updating techniques and tools. The neck and back machine I just got off of felt like 10000 fingers massaging every muscle and ligament. It was great. He know his business of healing and tuning the body for its best performance. He has a wall of diploma and his knowledge of the skeletal system is vast. He also has a great sense of caring and a bit of humor which makes you feel very relaxed and around a friend then just another Doctor.

Stephen H.
I have been playing tennis most of my life and after retirement I began playing in local and national tennis tournaments with much joy and good results. In 2005, I began to experience severe back pain and could no longer play tennis or do many of the other things that make life enjoyable. I tried physical therapy, had cortisone injections and was prescribed powerful pain medication. When I failed to get better through this traditional course of treatment, surgery was recommended. Back surgery was not a pleasant prospect for me because I knew a number of tennis players who had back surgery. Only a small fraction of them were ever able to compete again and some were not any better than they were before the surgery. Fearing the possible complications associated with back surgery, I searched the Internet for alternative solutions. I found information on spinal disk decompression and ended up in Dr. Striano’s office. Dr. Striano treated me with a combination of disk decompression, traditional chiropractic adjustments, and physical therapy. The results were amazing. In short order I was back on the tennis court playing with no pain. During the 13 years since my initial visit to Dr. Striano’s office he has treated me for a number of sports related injuries. It has been his treatment that has kept me in the game and helped me achieve a USTA National ranking of #9 in the 75 year age division. This year, my 80th, I developed a new back problem and the Dr. is once again working his magic on me, keeping me on the courts. I thank my lucky stars that I found Dr. Striano. I have been treated by a number of chiropractors in my lifetime and he is the best.